Preguntas de entrevista Angular, Html/CSS, PHP

Estas son algunas preguntas que me hicieron en una entrevista.

Me pareció curioso que no preguntaran sobre cómo trabajar en equipo, cómo escribir pruebas, manejo de VCS.


Where and why would you use an isolated scope?

How can you know if a form is valid or invalid?

Where should you modify the DOM using Angular?

If i want to display a variable?

Define two-way binding

What is the rootScope and how is it related to the scope?

What is the difference between ngClick and ngSubmit?

What is the purpose of dirty property?

What service would you use to communicate with the server?

Can you name at least 3 methods of this service?

If i want to loop through and display a list of objects in the DOM, what directive would i use?


What is the meta tag in the head of html used for?

What is datalist in HTML5?

Can you mention some of the new form element types in HTML5?

Can you explain the CSS box model?

In CSS, what's the difference between id selector and class selector?


What is a promise?

Can you name a couple ways you can create an object?

Are you familiar with ES6/ES2015?

What's the difference between let and const?

Why would you use 'use strict' at the top of a javascript file?

Can you explain what prototype is?

How would you empty an array using javascript?

Can you explain what spread and rest operators do?

Can you describe what a clojure is?

How keyword would you use remove an object's properties or functions?

Explain what regular expressions are?

What function allows you to add a new element to an array?


Can you name a few magic methods?

How are objects passed to methods in PHP? (by reference or by value)

What is the '&' used for?

Can you extend multiple classes in PHP?

How do you reference methods from classes you've extended from?

Difference between '.' and '.='

What's the difference between using '->' and '::' when referencing classes?

Can you explain what type hinting is?

Difference between using 'require' and 'include'?

What is the 'namespace' word and how you declare them?

What is the 'isset' method used for?

What is the difference in using ' and " in strings?

How would you check if a certain value is in an array?

How would you collapse a single dimensional array into a string?

Basic programming questions

What is a HashMap?

Can you explain what an immutable object is?

Can you explain the concept of inversion of control and why is it useful?

Can you explain what the MVC Design pattern is?